I often get asked what equipment do I use for recording my music and also my tutorials.

Below see some of my favourite products I use today to create some of my online tutorials and music.

Microphone for Tutorials

This is my microphone of choice for recording spoken word and bass guitar. Click below for more details on this microphone.

Audio Interface

This is the audio interface I use for recording spoken word and also stereo synths.

Microphone Pre Amp

This is the audio interface I use for recording spoken word and also stereo synths.

DSLR Camera

This is the DSLR camera that I use for a lot of my video. The reason I use this camera is that it has a great autofocus face tracking system.

DSLR Camera Lens

This is the DSLR lens that I use as it’s versatile and I has a great piece of glass!

Software for Mixing Audio

Logic Pro X is a Digital Audio Workstation I use for mixing and recording audio.

Software for Composing Electronic Music

Ableton Live 9 is the Digital Audio Workstation I use for composing and writing my electronic music.

Ableton Live Controller

This is one of the controllers I use with Ableton Live for Composing Electronic Music

MIDI Controller

This is another controller that I use for Composing and Mixing Electronic Music in Ableton Live.

MIDI Keyboard

This is the MIDI keyboard I use for playing MIDI, Samples and Software Instruments in both Logic Pro X and Ableton Live.

External Synth

This is the external synth I use for Electronic Music Compositions and Live Performance.

Screencast Tutorial Software

This is the Software that I use to Record my Screencast Tutorials.

Studio Camcorder

Portable MIDI Keyboard

Portable External Hard Drive

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